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Below is a list of course modules that WSSNB Inc. offers in both official languages (French or English). If you need my assistance or have any questions, please feel free to call me from the information on the CONTACT page.

Best regards,
Safety trainer: Bruno Gagné

Course Duration Frequency
Fall protection 7-8 hrs 3 years
Fall protection rescue 4.0 hrs 3 years
Excavation & trenching 3.0 hrs 3 years
Lock out/ tag out/ arc flash awareness 3.0 hrs 3 years
WHMIS (2015) 3.0 hrs as conditions change
Confined space 7.0 hrs 3 years
Confined space rescue 8.0 hrs 3 years
Fire extinguisher 2.5 hrs 5 years
Highway signalers 3.0 hrs 3 years
Highway signalers / firefighter safety scene 3.5 hrs 3 years
Workplace Standard First Aid (St JA) (Course only given in Grand Falls area) 16 hrs 3 years
CPR Level C + AED  (St JA) (Course only given in Grand Falls area) 8.0 hrs 3 years (refresher yearly)
First Aid practical (St JA) (Course only given in Grand Falls area) 6.0 hrs 1 year
Oxygen therapy 4.0 hrs 3 years
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) 3.0 3 years
Lift truck: Driver safety, Pedestrian safety 6.0 hrs 3 years
Specialty lift: Scissor, extended boom, etc. 4.0 hrs 3 years
Occupational Health & Safety Orientation & Due Diligence 3.0 hrs 5 years
Face Fit Testing, quantitative & qualitative 1 year
Off Road Rescue for firefighters 18 hrs —-
Repelling Level 1 & 2 for firefighters 16 hrs each —-
Joint Health and Safety Committee and Health and Safety Representative Education Program 3 days or optional 5 modules online plus 1 day classroom N/A

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