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Workplace Safety School of NB 

History of Workplace Safety School of NB

After working in an industrial setting for many years, Bruno Gagné established the Workplace Safety School of NB in 2008.  It is a training facility that offers training on workplace safety aspects to the general public, industries, cities, villages, fire departments and contractors.  It also offers consultation services.

Guiding principles

Our philosophy is to apply continuous outstanding customer service and to uphold the best quality training possible so as to ensure that workplaces remain incident and accident free.

During training, we engage the learners in practical exercises so that they will be able to apply and retain what they have learned.    


WSSNB services New Brunswick in both official languages.

Whatever your needs are, WSSNB has the expertise to deliver customized consultation services and health and safety training programs.   We cut to the chase so your personnel can recommence operations sooner.

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